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Mobile Site: Oregon Weather Compass

How to escape the rain

How to escape the rain

Spending the cooler months of fall and winter in Oregon can mean rain. But depending on where you go, it may also mean sun, snow, sun-rain-snow or some other randomly fun combo.

For the 2016-17 season, Wieden+Kennedy developed the, a mobile site that helped travelers find weather-based activities all around the state.

I consulted with Travel Oregon’s in-house team to produce editorial content that highlighted what to do in every single town and city in the state — producing copy for the interactive experience as well as dozens of itineraries for in-depth information on destinations and seasonal activities.

The Oregon Weather Compass was a 2017 Honoree for the Webby Awards. (For the sake of transparency, please be aware that I have never been an employee of Travel Oregon.)

This mobile site was a seasonally exclusive experience. You can get a sense of the content strategy and how the site worked by watching the video above. Read more about it here.