Jon Dale Shadel — Writer, Editor and Producer
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Meet Jon Dale Shadel, a writer, editor and producer in Portland, Oregon. Their work appears in The Washington Post, VICE, Fodor’s Travel, The Atlantic CityLab and more. large frame (10).png


Multimedia journalist covering culture, tech and travel; red-pen-wielding editor; queer essayist and memoirist; editorial video producer; cross-channel and UX-minded copywriter and content strategist; human-rights and LGBTQ advocate; moonlighting as an artist; semi-devout disciple of Piet Mondrian; master's-awarded researcher of rock stars; typist working in well-lighted cocktail bars in Portland, Oregon and anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi





Icebreaker: Do you think listicles spell doom for the future of civilization? OK, here are three notes about what I do:



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writing and editing

My work probes the intersecting worlds of culture, tech and travel — often through a queer and non-binary/gender-fluid lens. My byline appears in The Washington Post, VICE, Condé Nast’s them., Fodor’s Travel, The Atlantic CityLab and many others. I hold my master’s in international relations from the University of Exeter in the U.K., where I researched Internet regulation and rock-star activism.


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producing multimedia

I tell true stories that unfold across channels, such as: producing editorial films, copywriting for interactive and mobile, creating video series for social media, teaming with designers and developers to optimize publishing-centric websites, and reporting for international media outlets in print and online.


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editorial strategies

A seasoned executive editor, I avoid pivot-to-whatever hype by putting editorial strategy before tactics — consulting with publishers, agencies and brands to devise big-picture, cross-platform content plans. (And on that note, “content” sounds so banal, doesn’t it? Call me an “arts and letters strategist.”) large frame (2).png

For assignments, consulting, speaking or news tips: